Leadership Development

What is Leadership Development?

Leadership Development is about developing disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. It is a core process of developing vital disciple-making ministries in the Rocky Mountain Conference (or the Mountain Sky Area).

A Leadership development system requires conference–wide or area-wide strategic development initiatives.  These initiatives in turn need support from the conference leadership including the cabinet, Executive Leadership Team, Board of Stewards, Board of Laity, and Conference Board of Discipleship and others.

A three –pronged approach to leadership

The leadership development system of the Rocky Mountain Conference is rooted in a three-pronged approach: spiritual leadership, technical leadership, and adaptive leadership.

The desired outcome of our leadership development work includes:

  • Deepen spiritual leadership: Increased clarity about the participant's present personal calling and depth of faith.
  • Enhance technical leadership skills: Increased skills in preaching, small groups ministry, administration, finance and stewardship.
  • Acquire life-giving adaptive leadership: Identify and increase adaptive leadership challenges and experiments.
  • Expand capacity for future adaptive work: Continuation of new level of performance beyond the end of Academy and coaching.

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