Prayer Requests

Rev. Margaret Hankins on heart surgery
March 09, 2018

UPDATE: Please continue to pray for the Reverend Margaret Hankins, who underwent heart valve replacement surgery March 2. She remains in intensive care and her situation is very critical at this time.

Family of Gheeta Smith
March 05, 2018

Please hold Gheeta Smith and her family in prayer as they grieve the passing of her mother, Paula Smith. Gheeta is a member of First United Methodist Church in Salt Lake City and board president for the national ...

Pastor Manuel Jimenez on kidney transplant
February 26, 2018

Prayers are requested for Pastor Manuel Jimenez as he received a new kidney Feb. 25, following many years on dialysis and waiting on the transplant list.

Cindy Peacock recovering from surgeries
February 23, 2018

Please pray for Cindy Peacock, wife of the Rev. Tom Peacock, as she recovers from a series of medical surgeries. She will go through long-term treatment. Tom is a retired elder in the Rocky Mountain Conference.

Rev. Melinda Baber after car accident
February 09, 2018

Please pray for the Rev. Melinda Baber after she was involved in a car accident Feb. 9. She was taken to the emergency room and released.

Bill Graves on heart attack
February 08, 2018

Please keep Bill Graves in your prayers, as he is recovering from a recent heart attack. Bill is the spouse of Gale Graves, pastor of Carpenter United Methodist Church in Carpenter, Wyoming.

Update on Rev. Alice Riemer-McKee
February 07, 2018

UPDATE: Please pray for the family of the Rev. Alice Riemer-McKee, who died Feb. 6 after being hospitalized over the weekend.